• IT Services

    • Network Support
    • Servers & Workstations
    • Automated Backups
    • Firewalls & VPNs
    • Software Support
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Hosted Servers

      $99 monthly

    • Windows: Server, IIS, SQL, Cold Fusion
    • Lamp ; Wamp
    • Linux Variations
    • Application Servers
    • Virtualize Your Own
    • Full Remote Access
    • Remote Backups

    • Protect your data off-site
    • Syncronize Nightly
    • Secure Access
    • Web Based Retrieval
    • Versioning Capable
    • Encryption Available
    • MSP

      Managed Service Provider

    • Virus / Malware Protection
    • Server / Workstation Management
    • Windows OS Updates / Patches
    • Asset Tracking & Reporting
    • Remote Backups
    • License and Softwware Auditing


A company's Information Technology Department plans, operates and supports the IT infrastructure, enabling business users to carry out their roles efficiently, productively and securely. The department must meet multiple business and technical requirements and provide a secure IT infrastructure while minimizing costs. Doing business for over 24 years with clients such as Pillsbury and Con-Agra provided us with the opportunities to learn the best way to support large clients and apply these proven methods to the small and non-profit businesses.


Help develop an IT strategy that supports the organization’s business objectives and helps build a strong competitive advantage. Having a plan in place is critical to the development of a sound and solid infrastructure and a must for accurate budgeting.


We know how important it is that technology be reliable and current. Lost data, network disruptions, and underperforming technology, could mean huge losses for big corporations, but for small businesses, it can mean that bills don’t get paid.


Since we have a solid IT plan in place, we can now develop an accurate budget so we can implement your plan. As your business grows and changes, you will be ready for the anticipated expenses.

Employee Productivity

Enable employees to make the most effective use of IT resources, provide training so that employees can quickly make productive use of the resources and provide ongoing support to users through our web based helpdesk.


The Information Technology field changes rapidly and there is a continuous need to upgrade equipment and software as well as maintaining current standards. There are continous hardware and software upgrades and updates that need to be done to stay current.

Safe & Secure

The ever changing security landscape presents a continuous challenge. The proliferation of botnets, the sophistication of network attacks, the alarming growth of Internet-based network attacks, identity and data theft, insider attacks, and new forms of threats on mobile systems are examples of complex real threats that continually need addressed.

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